• NABLAS – mission

    We deliver AI technologies
    to solve challenging problems
    for all of us

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  • iLect EDU

    A scientific educational service
    for Deep Learning and Data Science

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– Deliver AI technologies, to solve challenging problems, for all of us  –

AI Consulting

We provide solutions based on state-of-the-art AI technologies for business improvement, starting new business, technology research & development, etc.

R & D

We provide one-stop service from projects with technical difficulties and highly challenging research to application development and operation.

AI Education

We provide highly practical and programming intensive AI education courses to address to the demands for advanced human resources who master skills on Deep Learning, machine learning, and data science.

Data Analysis

We will support corporate activities through the development of systems that handle data wisely, discover insights, analyze trend, etc.

HPC Consulting

We propose optimum designs considering various conditions about computing environment required for data accumulation and analysis and support up to operation.

AI Models & Engines

We provide AI model and processing engine optimized (learned) according to the application, from general machine learning technology to state of the art Deep Learning technology.

Our clients & Partners